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  1. Meta tells court it won’t sue over Facebook feed-killing tool—yet

    Researcher wants legal assurances before releasing his Unfollow Everything tool.

  2. Electric eels inspire novel “jelly” batteries for soft robotics, wearables

    Another team built a lithium-ion battery with electrolyte layer that expands by 5,000%.

  3. Real, actual Markdown support is arriving in Google Docs, not a moment too soon

    It's a big day for typing in plain-text fashion, for the good of syntax.

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  1. Five people infected as bird flu appears to go from cows to chickens to humans

    High temperatures made it hard for workers to use protective gear during culling.

  2. Elon Musk says SpaceX and X will relocate their headquarters to Texas

    The billionaire blamed a California gender identity law for moving SpaceX and X headquarters.

  3. Trump allies want to “Make America First in AI” with sweeping executive order

    After repealing Biden's AI order, draft would create "Manhattan Projects" for military AI.

  4. TikTok pushed far-right AfD party on young voters in Germany

    Alternative for Germany-related content returned when searching for other parties.

  5. Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees

    Ars' leak analysis shows a large "Games" department and a very well-paid "Admin" team.

  6. Rite Aid says breach exposes sensitive details of 2.2 million customers

    Stolen data includes customer names, addresses, birth dates, and driver's license numbers.

  7. All four of Google’s Pixel 9 phones get lined up and shot (by regulators)

    A taller Pixel Fold, a "small Pro" Pixel 9, and lots more early details.

  8. Former OpenAI researcher’s new company will teach you how to build an LLM

    Karpathy's Eureka Labs will pair human-made curriculum with an AI-powered assistant.

  9. YouTube creators surprised to find Apple and others trained AI on their videos

    Once again, EleutherAI's data frustrates professional content creators.

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  1. Meet the woman whose research helped the FBI catch notorious serial killers

    Hulu documentary Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer traces career of Dr. Ann Burgess.

  2. Streaming’s bundling obsession ignores the real problem with subscription costs

    Opinion: Subscribers keep paying more and getting the same.

  3. Craig Wright’s claim of inventing bitcoin may get him arrested for perjury

    UK judge refers Wright to prosecutors, suggests arrest warrant and extradition.

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  1. AMD brags about Ryzen 9000’s efficiency, extends AM5 support guarantee to 2027

    Ryzen 9000 will also have more overclocking headroom, for those interested.

  2. Seismic data shows Mars is often pummeled by planet-shaking meteorites

    Seismic information now allows us to make a planet-wide estimate of impact rates.

  3. Full dev build of Space Marine 2 leaks, and players are already leveling up

    Developers canceled a beta test—but may have gotten one anyway.

  4. Google’s $500M effort to wreck Microsoft EU cloud deal failed, report says

    Google reportedly didn't want a Microsoft antitrust complaint dropped in the EU.

  5. The 2025 Lucid Air is now the most efficient EV on sale

    A standard heat pump has made an already-efficient car even more so.

  6. The struggle to understand why earthquakes happen in America’s heartland

    The New Madrid fault line remains something of an enigma to seismologists.

  1. Porsche expands the Macan EV range with two new models

    The entry-level Macan starts at $75,300 and goes on sale in Q4 2024.

  2. Here’s Audi’s next A5—and all the stuff we won’t get in the US

    With the end of combustion more than 8 years off, Audi has developed a new platform.

  3. With Falcon 9 grounded, SpaceX test-fires booster for next Starship flight

    SpaceX says a liquid oxygen leak caused the failure of a Falcon 9 launch last week.

  4. Apple releases public betas of all next-gen OS updates, except for visionOS

    Apple's public betas are usually stable enough for daily use, but be careful.

  5. Record labels sue Verizon for not disconnecting pirates’ Internet service

    Lawsuit: One user's IP address was identified in 4,450 infringement notices.

  6. Here’s how carefully concealed backdoor in fake AWS files escaped mainstream notice

    Files available on the open source NPM repository underscore a growing sophistication.

  7. Will space-based solar power ever make sense?

    Years of talk have now moved to design studies and hardware in space.

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